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Most people struggle with a lack of confidence to some degree or another, often feeling that their lives are not nearly what they could be. This is why improving confidence levels are a goal for so many people. Confidence is not something you are born with and is most definitely something that can be developed. Feeling confident will have a positive effect in all aspects of your life and through hypnosis this can be achieved fast!



Fear is a natural response to danger, fear is a survival instinct designed to protect us from harm. A phobia on the other hand is an irrational fear of an object or situation that does not poses little or no threat. Through hypnotherapy you can recondition the response to the irrational fear making those situations manageable in the future.


Post-traumatic stress is a type of anxiety, which typically develops after being involved in or witnessing traumatic event, that can affect anyone at any age. It is still unclear as to why some people are effected and others are not, but the good news the intervention techniques I use can help to quickly remove the negative associations with a traumatic event.



The mind body connection is now commonly understood especially within the field of pain management, Stress and pain are intimately related, being in pain causes stress or being stressed worsens the experience of pain. Acute pain is short term pain usually caused by an injury or accident. Hypnosis is very effective in relieving the pain whilst your body recovers and heals itself. This could include: toothache, broken bones, sports injuries, childbirth, muscular damage, headaches/migraine, pre/post-operative care,

Chronic pain is long term pain typically associated with medical conditions. Hypnosis compliments the physical therapies and/or prescription medicines to allow you to live your life without pain. This could include Arthritis, ME, MS, back/neck problems, muscle spasm, IBS/Crohn’s/Colitis

Hypnosis has been used in the medical field for decades and has proven to be very successful.



Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for athletes for both therapeutic and performance-enhancement purposes. Athletes use hypnosis to reinforce the goals they have set, to improve their imagery, to learn to deal with nerves and to address personal issues. Whatever your sport, hypnosis can be a highly effective performance-enhancement technique.



Giving up smoking can be a real challenge, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your health and your pocket. Now you have made the decision to quit, perhaps you have tried patches or gums or simply found that every day stress has got in the way. Hypnosis can help you achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker quickly and easily, reducing cravings and the associated side effects.



Stress is a part of everyday life and comes in many forms from our personal and professional life. Each of us experience stress in different ways and what one person may find stressful another may find motivational. Stress can produce a whole variety of symptoms from anxiety, nervousness, frustration, fear, anger as well as physical symptoms such as nausea, heart palpitations or headaches. Most of us manage these symptoms however it is when these symptoms begin to negatively impact on your daily life that is when it is necessary to seek help. Hypnosis can help you address your stress and anxiety.



Are you fed up of trying all the latest faddy diets and failing? Losing weight and then putting it all back on again! No matter what you do or try you just can’t lose weight? For some people losing weight is not as easy as just cutting down or exercising more. To lose weight and keep it off you need to make lifelong changes to your relationship with food. Through Hypnosis we can rewire your brain to make those changes you need to lose the weight and keep it off!

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I have been providing online sessions for many years, mainly for international clients and I have found it to be just as effective as face to face appointments. All you need is access to a device and the internet.

Online sessions offer rapid relief from the comfort of your own home.

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I am therapist and an international trainer located in Norwich, Norfolk. Since my first hypnosis diploma, I have dedicated my time to advancing and developing my skills and knowledge in learning from some of the top people in this industry.

I have helped many people with their mental, emotional, psychological and physiological issues, some probably just like you.

My approach to therapy is one which is centred around you and having a diverse range of skills allows me to adapt to you and your needs.

You really can change your mind and change your life!

I know because I did!

Let me show you how you can totally change your life and get you where you want to be!

Contact me today and change your life so you can achieve your goals by removing anything that’s stopping you mentally.

Let me show you how to become more focused and driven to get the most of your life!

Start living your dream today!



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  • I researched ALOT about Bev and Rewired Minds before I made contact. It was something I was very skeptical about but after watching her videos and reading reviews, I decided to take a chance and made the two hour drive to meet with Bev, and I’m so unbelievably pleased I did. I felt completely at ease from the moment I walked in, Bev was patient, kind, understanding and extremely knowledgable. I learnt so much from her in such a short space of time. She has completely changed my mindset and my relationship with food, something that has been an issues for as long as I can remember. I have noticed so many changes already that i just can’t get my head around how she done it. So, I thought once I walked out the door and paid my money, that’s it but how wrong could I be. Bev has sent me some amazing literature to help me on my way. We have had a catch up phone call and another one booked in. If your sitting on the fence, I honestly honestly can’t recommend this amazing lady enough! Thanks for everything Bev, you will never realise how truly grateful I am. 
    Stephanie George
  • This was a first for me and I was a little anxious going into it. Which actually was part of the reason I booked a session with Bev in the first place. I’d been suffering anxiety since giving birth to my daughter & this also lead to a fear of flying. I needn’t have been nervous, Bev put me at ease within minutes and explained everything in a way I could understand, the whole way through. Finally I felt relaxed and positive for the first time in two years. The session itself was very successful & Bev also sent me away with ‘homework’ so-to-speak, which has been a great help day to day. Thank you Bev
    Victoria Walters
  • Today I had my first ever hypnosis session with Bev. I was so nervous beforehand however, was immediately welcomed and made to feel at ease. For 8 years I have had swallowing difficulties. It became such a huge part of my life that I honestly thought nothing could fix it. Today I was proved wrong, I had such an amazing session. There are no words to describe it. I came away feeling happy, positive and renewed. As soon as I got back I scoffed so much food and the problem didn’t happen once. I honestly cannot express how thankful I am. There are no words good enough to explain this feeling. I strongly recommend Bev. Thank you! YAAAAAY!!!
    Alex Lyons
  • Thanks Bev so much for your session! So relaxing, uplifting and energising – highly recommended!Bev you are doing amazing work with your hypnotherapy! Thank you so much! Your voice is so calming allowing for deep relaxation but then transforms into totally energising when needed! I highly recommend Rewired Hypnosis xx
    Teresa Gibbon
  • Had the pleasure of experiencing hypnosis today with Bev from rewired hypnosis and found it to be a very relaxing, refreshing experience and has left me feeling more confident about dealing with the issues discussed whilst under. Looking forward to next session. Would highly recommend these services.
    David Woods
  • Had my first experience of hypnosis today, Bev made me feel welcome and at ease. A totally indescribable experience tho left me feeling relaxed, confident and looking forward to my next session. Would highly recommend.
    Joanne Pegg
  • Could not recommend Bev enough! I have been very very anxious about an up coming exam for a long time. After a recommendation from a friend I to contacted Bev and she fitted me in at really short notice. I found the session really helpful and it completely changed my outlook. The exam went well and I stayed calm and focused throughout. Thank you so much Bev
    Lily Bussey

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