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January 30, 2020
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April 21, 2020
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Anxiety Solutions Workshop


Thursday 7th Oct 7pm – Rowan House, Hethersett

The new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks.

Discover powerful techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks for good!


Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

Are you consumed with worry about what might go wrong?

Do you find yourself gripped with fear at the thought of public speaking, confronting your boss, or flying in an airplane?

Let me reassure you, you’re not alone – even the best of us can be overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, and procrastination.

Countless people in today’s society live in a hidden world of fear and worry, preventing them from living a ‘normal’ life.
Far to many people are advised to either manage or medicate the symptoms of anxiety, but what if there was another way?

There is!

I want to share with you a different approach, based on science and experience to effectively treat anxiety but so many people haven’t heard of it!
This workshop will help you to:
  • Understand and recognise how anxiety affects the mind and body
  • Stop panic attacks in their tracks
  • Face any situation feeling calm and in control
  • Put an end to anxiety and overwhelm
Packed full of information this workshop will not only expose anxiety for what it really is but more importantly show you how to overcome it!
At the end of the evening, you will literally have changed your mind about anxiety. Your new outlook will have you feeling more energised, confident and in control than you have felt for a long time
So many people have enjoyed and benefited from this workshop and the techniques it contains and you can too.