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The SMART Nutrition Plan


A comprehensive nutrition plan based around simple, satisfying tasty food, not a diet but a way of eating for life!

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Eat smart to upgrade your mind and body


Working with so many men and women to overcome emotional eating and lose weight over the years I heard one common question.

What should I eat?

When there are so many different diets and plans and advice seems to change on a daily basis it’s no wonder we are confused about what to eat!

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, get healthier or overcome food addiction and binge eating the ultimate goal is the same …to be completely free around food, to enjoy food without feelings of guilt and remorse, to be able to look in the mirror and finally really appreciate the person looking back at you.

With that in mind I developed my SMART nutrition plan to educate and support my clients in achieving their goals!

Now I believe a healthy diet is one that is based around simple, satisfying tasty food, not based around unrealistic rules and restrictions. I have put together what I believe is a easy to follow plan that is not a diet but a lifestyle change, one that is sustainable and allows you to really enjoy food without the guilt. Without a doubt the key to long term weight loss success is changing your mind, which is why all of my plans are combined with a mindset element.


  • The SMART Nutrition Plan – A detailed and informative ebook educating and explaining nutrition in an easy to understand way
  • A quick start guide – If you just want to get started this PDF has everything you need to get going whilst you digest the information in plan!
  • Creating healthy habits audio – A powerful mind changing audio that will get your unconscious mind on board with making positive healthy lifestyle changes


Now, you may find the plan in this guide to be surprisingly simple, but I am confident you will discover that reaching your goal is so much easier and more enjoyable that you thought.


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