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May 1, 2017
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The Secret To A Better Life

We are all nose to the grindstone, on a mission to seek a better life, we work hard each and every day to make things better. But have you ever asked yourself what is it exactly that will make your life better?

For some that might be a promotion, new job, better health, more money or a relationship, but why? What will having these things actually do you for you? What will it mean to you to have these things?

Well ultimately they will make you feel better!

We strive for these things because of how we think they will make us feel, what we are actually trying to achieve is to feel better, now sometimes we are conned by the conditioning of our past experiences and resort to things like food and drink to achieve this but the problem is those pleasures are often short lived and don’t give us what we truly want!

If the ultimate goal is to feel better how do we do that?

We often experience feelings and emotions passively, thinking they are a direct result of what is going on outside of us, so we are feeling stressed because work is busy, we are feeling angry because we got caught at every traffic light and slow moving vehicle on the way home. Actually the way we are feeling is a direct result of how we are thinking!

You see emotions are an inside job, you generate them with your thoughts! This is how many people can experience the same thing yet feel differently about it, it’s because of how they think about it!

So if you want to feel better, I wonder what it is you are wanting to feel? What does better feel like?

We often feel that internal voice that we hear is ‘me’ it is who we are and we have no control over it but actually our mind simply offers us a narrative of the world going on around us always offering both sides and left to its own devices will go off in a multitude of directions often to those thoughts we have had repeatedly before, you see good roads make for easy travel and the brain is no different. The brain is not lazy but an efficient machine that will always take the path most used.

Start to become aware of the thoughts you are having during the day and notice how they make you feel. Decide how you want to feel and then exercise those thoughts that make you feel that way.

Start thinking on purpose! Try it and see!