The Skinny on Fats
May 22, 2019
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How to keep calm in a crazy world!
March 20, 2020
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The F Word


How many of you shudder at that word, that familiar uncomfortable feeling, hearing or even thinking the word fat!

This small 3 letter word has become one of the most powerful insults in the world. Any kind of reference to this word can send us into a downward spiral of shame, embarrassment and self-loathing. This word has the power to drop any sense of self confidence like a brick to the far-reaching depths of the deepest ocean.

Thanks to the media the meaning of the word fat has been so distorted from its actual meaning, we don’t think of a macro nutrient or the adipose tissue on the body, we see all the twisted meanings imposed by our culture………….. ugly, unhealthy, disgusting, lazy, failure, disgrace and I could go on. This small word is like a loaded weapon of negativity!

Is fat really the worst thing that you can be, worse that nasty, vindictive, shallow or selfish?

We spend our life running in fear of fat! What if we take the sting out of the tail of that word, change what it means to us, then it can’t hurt us anymore!

Now, I am not saying that it’s not important to strive to improve our health but who says we can’t be happy and celebrate in our body whilst we do that!

Are we really going to let the media tell us what to think and feel, what if everything they told us about what fat means is wrong! It is time  we take back ownership of that word and accept it for what it is, just fat!

The amount of fat on your body doesn’t define who you are, it doesn’t mean that you are not important, that you can’t be successful, that you are not beautiful. When we stop running from it and we stop being afraid, it becomes much easier to make better choices.

When we make choices from a positive place rather than a place of fear, we are much more likely to make the right choice.

So start saying the F-word out loud, say until it that uncomfortable feeling goes away. Now think of something really funny as you being to feel that laughter rising up inside of you, think and say the F word out loud as many times as you need to until that word has completely lost its power and holds no more negativity that the word ‘brunette’ or ‘protein’, it’s just a word!

Freeing yourself from the fear of fat is the one of the most empowering things you can do, you can now stop running and notice how much easier it becomes to achieve your goals!


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