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The Power of Food

Each and every day it is estimated that we make around 200 decisions about food and most of these are in our unconscious mind. So how do we make these decisions?

We all hold beliefs about food, about what is good or bad and how they will affect our health and in my experience not many people have ever stopped and considered what these beliefs maybe and actually whether they are true!

What do you feel about the power of food?

Does food control you or do you control it?

Are their specific foods that have power over you and some that have no power? Why or why not?

What is really important is what you currently believe about food because this is what is creating your reality. The nutritional ideas that you are subscribing to right now is what has created your current weight, health and your relationship with food and your body.

Let’s define what mean by ‘power’

It’s your belief about what that food will do to your physically, mentally and emotionally.

What you believe about food sits underneath all of the choices you make with what you eat, what you chose to put in your mouth and what you chose to avoid.

Let’s be clear about one thing, it is a choice!

There is no one force feeding you and I have never witnessed a biscuit literally jumping out of the packet into my mouth!

When we uncover what these dietary beliefs are we can then decide whether they are in fact helpful or not. These beliefs are keeping you stuck in an on-going battle with food, stopping you from losing weight, getting healthy and causing an emotional struggle with food.

What you believe about food is what drives you to decide what, why and when you eat and it doesn’t really matter whether these are in fact true what is important is what you believe!

For so many of my clients I hear things like

“Chocolate is bad; I can’t eat chocolate if I want to lose weight”

This is a powerful belief. If we subscribe to this then it is likely that this will govern the choices you make often going to great lengths to avoid it causing a lot of emotional stress and leads inevitably to that moment were you lose your willpower (which doesn’t exist by the way, but that’s a whole other blog) and ‘give in’ and have a bar of chocolate. Then what happens?

Usually days’ weeks or even months of guilt, shame and yet another failed attempt at losing weight!

So what if this wasn’t true? I wonder what that would mean?

I can assure you that there is plenty of slim healthy people out there that eat the odd bar of chocolate, so if the bar chocolate isn’t the problem, it must be the belief you hold around it!

I wonder what beliefs you have around food that might no longer be serving you and what would happen if you began to challenge those?

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