TOP TIPS to avoid gaining weight this Christmas

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May 13, 2016
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December 26, 2016
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TOP TIPS to avoid gaining weight this Christmas

It is the season to be merry and stuffed! We all know that we eat too much Christmas day but to hear that on average we consume 6000 calories on that day and pile on an extra 7lb over the festive season may be a bit too much to bear! Despite the devout resolution in January to join the gym and be healthy those extra pounds are often there to stay!

Extra calories lurk round every corner with the barrage of Christmas office parties, gatherings and get togethers’. If the thought of piling on extra pounds over Christmas is taking the sparkle out of your baubles then I have some few simple tips that allow you to have your Christmas cake and eat it!

  1. Our gut health is tremendously important to our overall health so give yourself the best possible chance to limit the effects of all that rich food by getting some prebiotics into your diet.
  2. Your mum was right; don’t go out on an empty stomach! It actually does overload the liver and can cause inflammation in the gut, have some that contains high fat like salmon, avocado or cheese; it makes you feel full and takes longer to digest keeping you ticking over nicely!
  3. If  you are going to a function where there will be food don’t go there hungry, make sure you eat something healthy before you go, this will dramatically reduce the likely hood that you will over consume on the fatty processed party foods!
  4. It is inevitable that you will consume more alcohol over the festive season, but there are a large amount of calories in alcohol and mixers, so beware of how much you are having. Give your kidneys a helping hand and alternate with water, it will keep you hydrated and reduce your hangover!
  5. Get outside! Christmas is a great time to get active with the family, switch off the TV, get off the couch and take the dog and the kids for a long refreshing walk.

I hope you all have a wonderful and magical Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you wish for. If you want to make next year your healthiest and happiest ever then get in touch and find out more about the amazing programs that will be coming your way in January 2017!