Vision boards – Do they actually work?

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October 2, 2017
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December 12, 2018
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Vision boards – Do they actually work?

Journals and vision boards have been really popular over the recent years following the release of the book The Secret, the idea being that if you put what you want on the board the universe will deliver, but does this stuff really work to manifest things into your life? I am not convinced.

Can it really be that all you have to do is think about something in a positive way and it just materialises in your life? The Law of Attraction would suggest that any unrealised goals are because you simply didn’t put enough positive thoughts into it and therefore is entirely your fault for your lack of success with that goal!

Now I just don’t buy into the idea that we set an intention to the universe and sit back and wait for it to be delivered on a plate, however I do believe that vision boards and journals do have a valuable role to play in achieving our goals.


Here is my take on it:

When we look at the brain and how it works we begin to get an understanding of how these things play a role in successfully obtaining our goals. We have a part of our brain called the Reticular activating System (RAS) and the role of that part is to filter the information coming into our brain and pass through only that which is of importance to us.


So how does our RAS know which bits of information to pass on?

Our RAS filters the information based on what we chose to focus on! Have you ever noticed how people who say “They are not very confident” are not very confident and those that say “I can never lose weight” never lose weight!

The RAS is an ever observant gate-keeper of our senses, guiding our conscious mind to what information should be filtered.

The RAS brings into awareness the people, places, and things that we focus upon. Have you ever noticed?

  • When you buy a new car and you’ll suddenly start seeing more of the same car on the road
  • Learn a new word or trend like dabbing or flossing and you’ll begin to hear it more often.
  • Someone will say something in passing which is exactly what you needed to hear.
  • While flipping through a magazine you suddenly find the answer to a problem.

All of these things were there before, but because they were not of importance to you, you simply just didn’t notice them!


In creating vision boards and journals this activates our RAS to sit up and pay attention!


Once you write down a goal, your brain begins to pay attention to it working overtime to see that you get it. It will be on the lookout for all the signs and signals that were there all along, but which you just never noticed before.


To solve a problem or achieve an important goal, set your RAS to work to ignite your goals and accelerate your success, when some asks you what is your secret to success tell them it’s your RAS